How Ratings Work

We operate this site using a fair and honest ranking system. Based off of years of working with bail agencies across the country, our ranking system is built to find the best bail bond company, and highlight where it is excelling. Its purpose is also to weed out the agencies that aren’t working to build trust, so that you don’t get scammed.

Highest Rated

We look at the agency’s overall rating (based on user reviews), across Google, Yellow Pages, Yelp, and Facebook, to create our rank.

Most Reviews

Does the agency have many reviews, and are they frequent and fresh? This gives us a picture of their overall service, honesty, and business health.


Does the agency list the owner and employees on their website? This illustrates a commitment to transparency and honesty.

Customer Service

Does the agency reply to complaints and reviews in the last 30 days? This illustrates they are committed to listening and improving their service.

Number of Agents

Does the agency have more than one agent? More agents equal the ability to serve customers in their location, and more expertise in that locality.

BBB Accredited

Is the agency BBB accredited? The Better Business Bureau has a strict accreditation process, which shows us an agency is honest and committed.

BBB Rating

Does the agency have a good BBB rating? Maintaining a good rating with the Better Business Bureau requires effort, and this illustrates their honesty.

Social Media Presence

Does the agency have a strong social media presence? This shows they are a legitimate company who is committed to their business.

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